Welcome to the Lodi Rotary Club


The club that has been making difference in our community and the world since 1941!


What is Rotary? Rotary is the largest service organization in the world. We are 1.2 million members with 38k clubs in over 200 countries. Simply put we are the boots on the ground to get it done!  Whether it’s stamping out Polio around the world or putting benches on Main Street of Lodi…that’s us. WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE.


We are the problem solvers of the world. We do civic activities that impact us all locally. We fundraise for humanitarian reasons…fighting disease, clean water, education, and peace throughout the world. Do you have a desire to make a difference in our community, state country or even the world? Rotary is the vehicle that can make it happen.

Meeting Information:

Meetings are on Monday at 6:15 pm at Reach Out Lodi  • 601 Clark Street, Lodi, WIsconsin



Change your community with us by volunteering on a local project

Please help Susie get her nest back in order by contributing to Susie’s Basket fundraiser. 100% of proceeds go to refurbish her current basket and pedestal in Susie the Duck Park. All donations are tax deductible.


Donations can also be made by cash or check.

Please make check out to: Rotary District 6250 Charitable Trust  and in the memo line you may want to put “Susie Duck”


Mail to:

Carol Hermann of Lodi Rotary Club

118 Vilas Hibbard Parkway

Lodi, WI 53555


Any questions please call Carol Hermann at 608-444-3163

Our Events

(608) 370-1135